Forschung zu Covid-19

Gesundheitskompetenz bei Studierenden

Gemeinschaftsprojekt des Interdisziplinären Zentrums für Gesundheitskompetenzforschung der Universität Bielefeld und des Public Health Zentrums der Hochschule Fulda

Projekt zu COVID-19 mit Bezug zur BMBF-Verbundförderung Gesundheitsförderung und Prävention

***Report now available, please check PDF (German)***Abschlussbericht nun verfügbar, siehe PDF***

Based on the current pandemic crisis caused by the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2019 and the associated Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19), a large amount of health information is available on the Internet considering issues such as diagnosis, treatment, protective behaviour, preventive measures, dashboard statistics and public recommendations. Digital health literacy is a key factor in the COVID-19 pandemic for citizens to find, understand, appraise and use online health information. Healthy decisions on protective behaviour, preventive measures and adherence with the COVID-19 policies and recommendations will help to slow down the virus and its spread, both of which putting burden on our health care systems, economies and citizen`s everyday life. Digitally health literacy will empower citizens to take greater control in the prevention of COVID-19 and its spread, and eventually lead to better health outcomes both physically and mentally. In response, and to pursue health and social science research questions in relation to coronavirus and COVID-19, the Public Health Centre Fulda (PHZF) at Fulda University of Applied Sciences and the Interdisciplinary Centre for Health Literacy Research (IZGK) at Bielefeld University launched a research consortium (COVID-HL Consortium).

The main goals of the consortium are to:

• establish a global network and community of research and practice on digital health literacy,

• advance the understanding of digital health literacy and highlight action how it can be a critical tool to navigate information, sources and services,

• translate knowledge into practical action and inform health policy making

• increase global awareness among citizens and decision-makers towards (digital) health literacy in general as a tool to prevent from communicable diseases

Studienteam Universität Bielefeld: Dr. Orkan Okan

Studienteam Hochschule Fulda: Prof. Dr. Kevin Dadaczynski, | Prof. Dr. Katharina Rathmann,

• Erhebung an 390 Hochschulen in Deutschland

• Verbund mit 43 Ländern